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Illustrated By
Ponder Goembel

Give Me Wings
Poems selected by
Lee Bennett Hopkins,
Illustrated by Ponder Goembel
Ages 6-8
Holiday House, September 2010

This delightful collection prepares you for lift-off as you enter a world where children fly high and cats sail through the air. Turn these pages and let your imagination take flight!

For more on Give Me Wings Click Here.

Animal Fair
Adapted and
Illustrated By Ponder Goembelk
Marshal Cavendish
Ages 4-8

A silly, catchy little number with enough visual quirks to keep kids returning for one more curtain call. Preschool-Kindergarten.

For more on Animal Fair Click Here.

Swamp Song
Written by Helen Ketteman
Illustrated By Ponder Goembelk
Marshal Cavendish
Ages 5-9

When Gator starts tappin' his toes, all the swamp animals sing to his beat.

For more on Swamp Song Click Here.

Mr. Mosquito Put On His Tuxedo
By Barbara Olenyik Morrow
Illustrated By Ponder Goembelk
Holiday House
Ages 4-8

The ball is simply buzzing! The music is humming. Six-legged dancers are twirling. When suddenly...
eeeeeeeegadd! Enormous feet are about to stomp on the whole affair!
Can a dapper mosquito dressed in a tuxedo avert disaster?

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Castaway Cats
By Lisa Wheeler
A Richard Jackson Book
Atheneum Books for
Young Readers
Ages 4-8

“This story is full of characters. Fifteen cats find themselves shipwrecked, how will they survive?”
— P.G.

For more on Castaway Cats Click Here.

Old Cricket
By Lisa Wheeler
A Richard Jackson Book
Atheneum/Simon & Schuster 2003, Ages 3-7

“This team responsible for Sailor Moo returns with a homespun trickster tale enhanced by sprightly humor and ace draftsmanship... smartly paced and skillfully drawn, this tale delivers a gentle comeuppance sure to please smart young bugs.”
— Publishers Weekly

For more on Old Cricket Click Here.

Sailor Moo: Cow at Sea
By Lisa Wheeler
A Richard Jackson Book
Atheneum/Simon & Schuster 2002, Ages 4-8

“Goembel’s dusky acrylics introduce a cast of bipedal critters who teeter wildly between anthropomorphism and realism, upping the humor considerably. The goggle-sporting manatees and hook-handed cat captain Silver Claw will likely have readers giggling.”
— Publishers Weekly

For more on Sailor Moo Click Here.

“Hi, Pizza Man!”
By Virginia Walter
Orchard Books/Scholastic 1995, Ages 4-8

“In this simple, funny story, a young girl pretends what she would say to a variety of creatures, from a dinosaur to a snake, delivering pizza to her door.”
— School Library Journal

For more on “Hi, Pizza Man!” Click Here.


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