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By Kelly DiPucchio
HarperCollins Publishers, April 2005, ages 6-8

“Relates the earth-changing consequences of millions of nights of raucous snoring by sleeping dinosaurs.”
— from the book’s credit page

For more on Dinosnores Click Here.

“Soon the peaceful world was rocked...”
— K.DP.

Mama Mine, Mama Mine
By Rita Gray
Dutton Children’s books
Ages 3-8

“A sweet book meant to soothe the young”
— P.G.

For more on Mama Mine, Mama Mine Click Here.

The Night Iguana Left Home
Written by Megan McDonald, Illustrated by Ponder Goembel
A Richard Jackson Book
1999 DK INK Ages 4-8

“An iguana with wanderlust stars in this enduringly humorous tale of friendship and adventure. The reader even learns about iguana behavior in the course of a trip to Key West and back.”
— L.W.

Noted Reviews and Honors:

  • Kirkus Reviews, Aug. 1, 1999
  • Horn Book, Sept. 1999
  • Booklist, John Peters, Nov. 1999
  • New York Times Book Review: Gravel For Dessert, by Jane O’Reilly
  • American Booksellers Association: Children’s Pick of the Lists, Fall 1999
  • Philadelphia Children’s Reading Round Table; Book of the Month October 1999
This image has been reproduced by Peaceable Kingdom Press and it is a top selling greeting card.

“Possum curls up”
— M.S.

Good Day, Good Night
Written by Marilyn Singer, Illustrated by Ponder Goembel
Cavendish Publishing 1998

“Compact, rhyming phrases printed in large, bold type compare daytime and nighttime animals.”
— HORN BOOK GUIDE, Jan.-June 1998

Noted Review:

  • School Library Journal, Virginia Golodetz, June 1998

A Basket Full of White Eggs
Riddle-Poems written by Brian Swann,
Illustrated by Ponder Goembel

Orchard/Franklin Watts 1988

“...the serene illustrations...are linked by color, style, and their suggested cycle of the hours of the day.”
—  A KIRKUS Pointer

Noted Reviews and Honors:

  • Star Booklist, Feb. 15, 1988
  • School Library Journal, April 1988
  • Library of Congress’ Best Books of the Year, Books for Children
  • The Junior Literary Guild, 1988
“A lady comes, clad in a hundred dresses.”
— Brian Swann

“Froggie went a-courting...”

Hear The Wind Blow: American Folk Songs Retold
Written by Scott R. Sanders, Illustrated by Ponder Goembel
Bradbury Press 1979, Ages 12 and up

“Goembel’s skillful drawings animate the lyrics and stories that are part of our American heritage.”
— Publisher’s Weekly


  • Notable trade Books in the Language Arts 1985, National Council of Teachers of English


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