Student Work

Although I majored in Illustration at the Philadelphia College of Art (now University of the Arts) I enrolled in varied subjects that all helped me later on. With the help of a mentor/teacher I started my freelance illustration career during my senior year.

Early Illustration

Early illustration for me, (late 1970’s to the mid 80’s) could be very conceptual. Clients wanted to catch attention: they didn’t want to see someone in a suit working at a computer. It was more interesting to see a man in a suit climbing a ladder of success. I loved to conceptualize and design illustrations for magazines.

In the beginning of my freelance career I tried but couldn’t get any children’s book work. Fortunately, when the magazine work started fading I got my first children’s book assignment.

Children’s Book Illustration

I love illustrating children’s books. Children’s book publishers did not pay as well as some of the other publishers, but I liked the whimsical quality of children’s books and the publishers always gave me a year to complete the work. By the time my first picture book was published I had a family and a baby to take care of.

Out-of-Print Children’s Books

These books are currently out of print, but might become available again at any time! Or check or other resellers of republished or pre-owned books.

Contact me to see if I might have an artist’s copy available to sell (and autograph), or if you would like a book you already own autographed.